Video Production Services
Check out what we can do for you:
  • Brand and product videos
    If you want to shout about your amazing company, its products, services and people, then video is a great medium for doing so. And with years of experience crafting visual stories for companies, we're the people to talk to.
  • Internal communications
    We are specialists in internal comms videos whether it be CEO updates, project updates, or recording live events. We've filmed CEOs and senior managers from many of Australia's top companies so we understand how to get the best results, even with extreme time pressures. So, tell us your communication challenge and we'll tell you how we can help.
  • Leadership videos
    We offer a range of solutions to help you to front your own videos explaining your expertise and the services you provide. If required, we can bring our green screen and prompter to your offices and shoot a batch of videos in one session, minimising the cost to you. Alternatively, we can shoot your videos in our facilities. Finally, you can take part in one of our live or online Video4Business workshops and learn how to make the videos yourself!
  • Live event coverage - live
    If you're running a large event or conference and want to display what's going on onto the projection screens and/or stream it out live to the internet, then we can help you with a range of multi-camera live mix solutions and streaming solutions. We also technically manage events. So tell us your objective and we'll tell you how it can be achieved.
  • Live event coverage - archive
    If you're running an internal event or conference and you want to record it to archive on your intranet or the internet, then we have a cost-effective multi-camera solution for you.
  • Live video link-ups
    If you're running an event and need to beam in external experts from overseas or other parts of Australia or if you want to link events together so they can see each other, then talk to us as we have extensive experience with satellite and microwave video link-ups.
  • In-house facilities
    At SILVER WOLF productions, we have extensive in-house facilities - from camera, lighting and audio kits, including our own green screen set-up, through to editing suites and video graphics capabilities. For you, our flexibility means we can find a solution and turn productions around quickly. For our Video4Business clients who don't want to edit their own videos, we also offer a range of economic post-production packages.

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