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Tulloch Wines – a 360 VR proof of concept

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We were recently commissioned to produce a project that demonstrated the potential of 360 virtual reality video for the corporate environment. The finished product was shown to executives of a leading bank to help them understand the power of this new medium. With only three weeks to pull the project together, we came up with the idea of a ROAD to RETAIL visit to an award winning “retailer” to find out the secrets of their success. Our “case study” was Tulloch Wines in the Hunter Valley which gave us to opportunity to take our audience on a ride on the back of a Harley with our retail marketing expert Kevin Moore, a look around the beautiful Tulloch Cellar Door and winery, a quick “wine tasting” and a conversation with the CEO, Christina Tulloch. It was definitely a steep learning curve for us as we tackled the challenges of directing without being seen, handling the vast amounts of data that seven cameras generate, understanding the limitations of the technology and then stitching it all together and editing it into an immersive experience. We learnt a lot and made a few mistakes along the way but it was a great way to get our heads around the power and opportunities of this exciting medium. A taste of some of the segments we produced have been cut together in this short video but the power of this medium is not through scrolling around on a laptop or viewing it on a tablet or smart-phone, it’s when you pop on the VR headset. That’s when you really feel immersed in the environment and the situation. If you’d like to learn more about 360 VR video and where we believe it can play a powerful role in the corporate environment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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