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Nestlé Medicated “weather” video

We recently worked on a rather fun project with our friends at Nestlé Medicated. They needed a video to show at a roadshow they were running to their sales teams around the country. However, rather than produce just another boring “corporate update”, they wanted something fun that would make more of an impact. As the sales of medicated products are affected by the weather over the winter period, it seemed like a good idea to get a “weather forecast” for the coming season. And who better to do that in an incredibly enthusiastic and engaging way than Ten’s weather man, Tim Bailey.

We shot the video in an afternoon out at Nestlé with Tim positioned in front of our green screen – something he’s incidentally not used to as his reports are always on location! We then had a few days to drop in all the backgrounds and product shots, etc. The resulting video was far from the “ordinary” and went down very well with the Nestlé audience:

We needed to deliver multiple messages across multiple brands to our sales teams around the country while making the delivery really engaging. With Nigel we came up with a plan, executed it with Tim Bailey and ended up with a video that delivered exactly that. The attention to detail and service provided was outstanding which made the process a pleasure to execute. I have no hesitation to recommend Nigel and the team at Screentime Communications for any production and will definitely be using them in the future.  

Jaimee Leigh Curtis, Assistant Brand Manager, Nestlé Medicated

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