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The Financial Services Council event promotion videos

We’ve all heard that video is a great tool for attracting attention to a website. It’s also a great way to promote an event. An example of this is a video project we did recently for the Financial Services Council. They had their FOCUS life insurance conference coming up and decided that a couple of video interviews with prominent members would be a good way to remind their audience about the event.

We shot the interviews at their Sydney city offices with their CEO, John Brogden, interviewing the two members one after the other. Time was tight as we had less than forty minutes to shoot both interviews so we used a two camera set-up.

The first video was posted up two weeks out from the event with the link included in a newsletter to the target audience. The second video was posted up a week later with both videos attracting hundreds of views and positive feedback:

I just wanted to let you know that I am receiving very complimentary commentary about the quality of the two videos you produced for us! Thank you very much. Great work.

Sharon Sherry, Marketing and Membership Manager, Financial Services Council.


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